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Plea for help with Adhesive plugin

window.document.getElementById(’post-10').parentNode.className += ‘ adhesive_post’;

Ok, I just updated over 20 or so blogs, some used as cms… over to the latest WP 2.0.4 — I was hoping that the Adhesive plugin by Owen would work with this version, but I’m getting the error above on the ‘catagory’ pages. It only appears on the first line of the posts that have been designated as ‘sticky’, and only on the catagory page summaries. If there are any really cool techie bloggers out there with a few minutes to spare, I would truly appreciate a nudge in the right direction to solving this problem.

Even though the catagory summaries contain this line of code for the ‘sticky’ posts, at least the ‘pages’ appear correctly, and the catagories function the way they’re supposed to. I couldn’t get this plugin to work on prior versions of WP without begging a codehead friend to rewrite parts of it.

I’m told I beg pretty well, if that helps convince you to help a chick out. LOL 😉


Updating your scripts

Updating all of the scripts you use on your site is absolutely imperative. Here are some upgrade links to the most popular scripts used by my clients.

  • WordPress Upgrades
  • TOPo Toplist
  • Yet another WP blog

    I’ve been expanding my network of sites recently, and am getting more familiar with installing the newest version of WP. I gotta say this latest update has finally impressed me to the point of LIKING version 2.0. In order to use the spam tool included with this install, Akismet Spam, I needed a WP API, so here I am, another WP blog is born!

    I’m currently working on a new toplist with blog feeder. What this means is that I will pull SE traffic with the content added to the blog, which will then feed traffic into the toplist. (I’m not linking to the toplist and feeder blog in an effort to keep this particular WP blog non adult in nature. If you’re interested to see what I’m working on, comment here and I’ll send you a mail ;)) In setting up this new feeder blog, I went surfing the plug ins for the latest WP version. I’m listing them below as a reference, storage place for myself and my design clients. 🙂

    Search and Replace WordPress Plugin (1.1)
    If you’re like me, and want to replace words such as “boys” and “toy” on your site to keep the men in black off my back… this lil tool makes the replace function nice and easy! This plugin is for WordPress 1.5 or better (including 2.0).

    Filosofo Home-Page Control

  • put pages on the same Permalink level (or higher) as the blog’s directory and set which page you want to be the “home” page.
  • Tested successfully on WordPress blogs of version 1.5 and newer, including 2.0.

  • WordPress Plugin to Make your Blog Temporarily Unavailable for Maintenance

    This is a great feature that I enjoy using on the message board I co-own, and will enjoy having available to me in my blogs too!