WP v2 resource sites

I’ll wind up crossposting this, but since I’m taking some time tonight to relax with phones off and a really bad SciFi channel movie running in the background, I realized that I’m such a WordPress nerd that I have fun finding new WP tech blogs, forums and related materials.

So, why not share?

http://www.redalt.com/ Aparently, he’s the only developer on the Internet that has successfully made a ‘sticky’ plugin that’s worth a crap. A lil buggy, different versions of WP require different ‘tweaks’, but overall still the only one out there that functions. He’s recently added a ‘wiki’ to his site, as well as a ton of other revolutionary tools. All WP authors should bookmark this one.

http://www.solostream.com/category/tutorials WordPress tutorials with video instruction! Cool stuff.

eh… now I’ve just found a new ‘widget‘ ready theme that I want to play with, so I’m outies LOL Enjoy!


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