Widget shmidget

Ok, so I’ve been a little emmersed in recent industry turmoil. So much so that WP added a whole new feature to blogging that I had no idea about until I started a blog here on WordPress.com … ok, I accept that. Now that I see how they function, I’m reconsidering my current blog set ups. I just love anything that makes my life easier, and now that I’ve learned a bit from the links below, I realize that’s exactly what widgets do.

I’ll be playing with these now to see if I can integrate them into current theme designs of mine. I may even become inspired enough to design my own widget ready theme! 🙂

WordPress Wiki – themes that are widget ready

Third party Widgets, text widgets, RSS Widgets, Widget resources

What the heck is a Widget?

It’s called Sidebar Widgets because it allows you to move things (widgets) around, in and out of your sidebar. A widget is something that you might want on your sidebar, such as a category list or the most recent comments or a link to your admin pages. There is even a widget that lets you type whatever you want in the sidebar, such as some HTML or Javascript code.


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