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I personally run over 12 blogs on my own domains (that are regularly posted to, not just used as the cms), plus various blogs on all the different hosting systems. (Yahoo360, MSN, blogspot, etc.) I’ve been looking for a desktop stand alone program that will allow me to post to all my blogs (individually because I don’t want to get penalized by the search engines for posting the same exact posts over several blogs).

I found RocketPost tonight by Anconia, and love the features it has. Have any of you out there used this software, or anything like it? If so, I invite your comments, reviews and recommendations. Affiliate links are welcome as long as you sincerely offer your experience with using the product. Over zealous, spammy responses telling me you’ve found the best software in the universe, without showing proof of actual experience in using it isn’t likely to gain my attention. šŸ™‚



  1. Rudi Said:

    I use Zoundry Blog Writer:

    Very fine Freeware!

    I read a lot of bad things about RocketPost on the Web. Is it really true that you like this Blog Writer?

    I want to move this site

    Edited due to my effort to keep this blog out of the ‘mature’ catagory, if possible.

    from HTML to WordPress. Can you recommend me an appropriaten and appealing theme fur this adult site?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. tawnygirl Said:

    Hi Rudi… shame on Me for not seeing this inquiry for oh, four months. I guess I need to check my settings on here to send me a mail whenever I have comments waiting. (I thought I had.)

    Anyway, I didn’t say I liked, or even USED RocketPost, I merely liked it’s features. I know myself well enough, after hand coding hundreds of sites over the years, that a piece of software like that would just sit on my hard drive and never get used.

    Honestly? With the improvements made to WP v2.1, I really don’t see a need for something like this anymore. Thanks for the recommendation on Zoundry, though, I had never seen that particular product before.

    I’m sure it’s helpful for affiliate marketers, but since I mainly deal with solo entertainers who ARE the product they’re selling, it probably wouldn’t be advantageous for me.

    Looks to me as though you’ve already moved your site over to WP, is that right? I too really love using three column themes for any adult site. It’s almost necessary, considering the attention span of the average user in that market. (In mainstream marketing they say we have ten seconds to keep or lose our visitors, I’d venture to guess it’s even less in the adult webmaster world due to the nature of the surfer’s “needs”) LOL

    I just updated a few blogs to the new WPv2.1 and have found that almost all themes need a bit of tweaking to work with the new template tags, so if you haven’t updated yet, be aware that there may be a bit of time involved in doing so.

    Good luck with your site!

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